About the festival

The Nordic Permaculture Festival 2022 will be held on August 4–7th, 2022 in Vesilahti, Pirkanmaa, Finland. We will gather at Kurki Ecovillage and the nearby Rautiala festive house with all its facilities.

See you in Vesilahti!



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Get together for a sustainable life

The Nordic Permaculture Festival is a forum to share and gather knowledge and ideas about what sustainable life can be in practice, including different fields from ecological building and regenerative agriculture, fermentation and edible wild foods, to wellbeing of individuals and communities. The festival has been held annually since 2011 and this is the second time we have the privilege to enjoy it in Finland!


The festival is a collaborative, non-profit event and it is our wish that everyone who takes part can feel themselves as a co-creator and able to contribute as themselves. If you are going to join the festival please suggest a workshop if you want to organise one.

The festival is family friendly, completely sober/"dry" and of course drug-free.

The organisers

This year's annual Nordic Permaculture Festival will be organised by a loose group of permaculture enthusiasts facilitated by The Finnish permaculture association.

Read more about the team members.

Welcome to the festival

About permaculture

Permaculture is a holistic approach to design, set up, manage and develop aspirations of individuals, homesteads and communities in order to create more sustainable futures.

Permaculture ethics and principles can be applied to food and energy production, education, culture, physical and mental wellbeing, finance and economy as well as land area development and community organising.

If the ethics and principles would be applied on these sectors in a locally appropriate way, it would manifest new more sustainable and resilient cultures capable of renewing themselves from generation to generation without the risk of collapse.

Permaculture is founded on the three ethical: earth care, people care and fair shares.

Read more about permaculture at the Wikipedia.


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