Find below our sponsors, whom we kindly thank for their help!


Tefke oy

Tefke Oy

Tefke Oy creates environments that serve everyone, both people and the diversity of our environments.

The company's business area includes yard design and consulting, as well as versatile landscaping and yard maintenance services. Permaculture is the guide in their work in terms of design, construction and maintenance. Trainings can also be booked from Tefke Oy, e.g. on topics like self-sufficiency, the importance of biodiversity or the functioning of ecosystems. The company operates mainly in the Helsinki metropolitan area, but you can ask for help from further away too!

Why permaculture-based yard design?

The ecological yard offers natural aesthetics, a diverse habitat for many organisms and easy-care solutions for the garden. By understanding the workings of nature, we can design and build biologically and aesthetically rich and food-producing environments that operate without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. In an ecological yard, the need for external resources is minimized, nutrients circulate locally, and the gardener can take it easy, too.

Joel Tefke, entrepreneur at Tefke Oy, tell me why you chose to sponsor the festival?

“We see the activities of the Finnish Permaculture Association and the international permaculture community as very important for the continuation of human life with this planet-sized biome. You are doing a good job! Unfortunately, due to entrepreneurship, I don't have time for association activities myself, but I am happy to be able to participate by sponsoring. ”

Thank you Joel and Tefke Oy for supporting our festival!


Frantsila Herbfarm

Frantsila Herbfarm

The people of Frantsila Herbfarm have dedicated their life's work to the well-being of people and nature.

Agronomists Virpi Raipala-Cormier and James Cormier started to cultivate Frantsila's fields in Hämeenkyrö using organic methods as early as the early 1980s, and more than 20 natural plants and herbs still grow in the natural soil today. They are used to make Frantsila's beloved, effective and award-winning skin care products and other products that support overall well-being.

Now a new generation is taking the pioneering work of organic farming forward by following the principles of regenerative farming – creating lushness against climate crisis. “We cultivate the plants for our products in our fields with methods that enrich the soil and increase ecological diversity,” says Jupiter Cormier, CEO of Frantsila.

It's all about balance

Frantsila's products support the return of the body and mind to balance. The product range includes oral herbal drops, herbal teas and flower drops, as well as various skin care and hygiene products and fragrant essential oils. Frantsila also offers a wide range of courses and trainings. In addition, the Frantsila Wellness Center allows you to relax and pamper yourself in the middle of timeless rural idyll and thriving nature.

Frantsila's work is based on the holistic well-being of nature and humans.

“We set out to sponsor the festival because we want to promote human contact with the rest of nature, and human understanding and practice towards a future where humankind is a healing part of natural ecosystems,” Jupiter continues.

Thank you for your support as a sponsor, Frantsila!





Elonkieli is a one-person language services company that provides you with high-quality translations, interpreting, proofreading and editing, audio description, and subtitles. I, Niina Ollanketo, translate from English,  Spanish, and French into Finnish and Finnish into English. The social and environmental impact of my business decisions is taken into account in all of Elonkieli’s activities, and in line with the company’s values, a 5–10 % discount on all services is available to organizations working on environmental and human rights issues. More information on Elonkieli and the human behind it is available on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/niinaollanketo/

Niina, what made you sponsor the festival?

I got involved as a sponsor for the Nordic Permaculture Festival because I want to serve our environment in both my business and my free time – and permaculture is a truly thrilling way to plan, think and carry out
various activities sustainably. I grow edible plants for my own needs, and in recent years I’ve started learning permaculture practices and other self-sufficiency tools in my plot. This summer, I’m even going on a permaculture course. See you at the festival in August!